Bank of Mauritius Ltd

Equity Financing

  • The SEF invests in start-ups, expansion projects and new lines of business.
  • Provide equity financing to companies established in Mauritius, and where the majority shareholder carrying majority voting rights is a Mauritian.
  • After the evaluation of the project, the Board decides whether to go ahead with the project or not.
  • Investment range starts at Rs 500,000 and can reach up to Rs 25m. The financing should not exceed 49% of business’ equity capital and the entrepreneur must invest in at least 51% of the share capital.
  • One or more directors from the SEF may be appointed to the investee company’s board of directors, depending on the size of the investment.
  • The investee company must not have arrears with the Mauritius Revenue Authority, National Pension Fund or any other authorities.
  • For existing companies, the entrepreneur must show that they have a good track record of sound business activities and they must also have audited accounts.
Leasing Equipment Modernisation Scheme (LEMS I, II, III)
  • Annual Turnover up to Rs 50M
  • Reduced Interest Rate of 2.5%
  • Annual Turnover above Rs 250m
  • Dividend Rate will depend on financial performance


Commercial banks which are key players in the financial systems of nearly every economy, have the potential to pull financial resources together to meet the credit needs of SMEs. Through their intermediation role commercial banks are meant to provide financial succor to SMEs in Mauritius. More information is available on their respective website:


Crowdlending is a new and alternative method for SMEs and startups to raise finance without the inclusion of a financial institution. With the entrance of this alternative financing method, a new breed of small investors will eventually enter the capital market.

Fundkiss engaged in crowdlending  opens up a new world of opportunities for investors and SMEs – in Mauritius. Be part of a financial revolution that is as rewarding for lenders as it is for borrowers.

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