The SheTrades Initiative

The SheTrades Initiative is a flagship programme of the International Trade Center (ITC), the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations, which aims at connecting three million women entrepreneurs to markets and a global network of international buyers.

Women’s economic empowerment has a crucial role to play in the global economic eco- system. Hence, this initiative seeks to promote an inclusive business community for women requiring a global, multi – pronged, and multi stakeholder approach.  The SheTrades Initiative provides women entrepreneurs and women-owned SMEs around the world with a unique network and platform to connect to markets. SheTrades has an international footprint in more than 25 countries and 12 active projects and national Hubs.

This platform is the one-stop shop whereby women can share, learn, and do business on a global scale.

Be Part Of This Global Initiative

Connecting Mauritian Women Entrepreneurs to the Global Value Chain

Are you a woman entrepreneur seeking to promote your company, enhance & strengthen your business network, strike attractive deals & connect to markets?

Then SheTrades is the right platform for your business!

Join SheTrades to:

Sell your products and services and source from women-owned businesses

Learn new skills with our range of free webinars and e-learning materials

Participate in workshops, trade fairs and other business events made possible by our partners and sponsors

Stay up to date with activities, news, success stories, videos, publications and more!

Mauritius will launch its SheTrades Hub and will join the SheTrades Global Network in early 2022. Access to the unique platform will allow women business owners to connect, share ideas, and start new partnerships. The island economy has already a proven track record in empowering and promoting women entrepreneurship in various spheres of the economy. Furthermore, the focus is on the enhancement of skills amongst women entrepreneurs to prepare them for the evolving demands of a post- COVID-19 world. Thus, what Mauritian women entrepreneurs need is access to training, networking & access to new markets and customers. SheTrades provides these facilities.

We are hereby inviting Mauritian women entrepreneurs, SMEs & businesses to register their interests to be part of the SheTrades network by accessing the following link at latest by 14th January 2022

Please note that you will also be invited to register on SheTrades platform in early 2022

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